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-Sustainable forests
-Wood crafts

-Rural livelihoods

We are a young collective of designer / makers with strong ethics and big plans. We support traditional timber crafts whilst providing a contemporary slant to our products. Local sourcing, quality products and sustainable considerations drive all our actions.

Over time we hope that GRO develops to a point where it can offer affordable housing in our own woodland to makers and apprentices. From this base we aim to share workshop and marketing costs eventually bringing the GRO concept to the high street at prices that make our products accessible to all.

There is lots of work to be done to reach this goal but as they say 'from little acorns to great oaks GRO'.

As we GRO our impact GRO's too, that's why we make so much effort to ensure our impacts are good ones. In brief we aim to ensure our work,

- encourages sustainable forest management

- preserves traditional wood crafts

- provides sustainable rural livelihoods

- develops a network of makers and support for apprentices