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Sustainable forests
Governing all our work is a desire to support sustainable forest management.   Our holistic view of this is based around the concepts below.

- As is commonly known trees are essential CO² sinks converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. What is less commonly known is that  young trees take  in greater volumes of CO² than mature trees.

- For forests to survive they have to be a valued resource, as ecosystem, amenity and economic generator.

- By creating products from sustainable timber sources we fix the CO² for years to come.

We at GRO promote sustainable forest management. Our base level is to only use timber certified as FSC or PEFC, these schemes however don't take account of travel. Our preference is to use local timber from well managed woodland and often we take windfalls.

This local timber is often converted at our workshops where as designer / makers we can make the most of the possibilities each tree presents. Our aim for the future is to purchase our own woodland so that we can take complete control of the management of our stock from sapling to converted timber.