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Please contact us to check availability and to order. Due to the hand crafted nature of our work and the nature of timber products will have slight variations from those shown here.

Turned vessels
Turned green wood
-Green wood is worked whilst still wet, it does not require drying in a kiln thus saving energy.

-Timber that would be rejected for other uses is often suitable for wood turning. Traditional conversion of tree to timber accepts 50% waste, here at GRO we want to better that.

-Turned green wood distorts as it dries, each one's an individual.

-Commissions undertaken

Always open to new challenges, we enjoy working with clients to enrich the design and delivery process.

kerf sawn ply light
Low energy light fittings for The Green Shop
-Wall wash lights that reveal a hidden motif when switched on.

-Supplied with a low wattage f
luorescent batten.

-Manufactured from european birch ply, routed or kerf sawn to allow light to shine through the figure of the face laminate.

-Decorated using auro natural paints and oils.

-Individual motifs to commission, contact us to discuss your requirements