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The designer / makers are the heart of GRO. Their designs and crafts applied together provide the embodiment of our ethics in beautiful quality products.

As designer / makers we have an inherent appreciation of how to take greatest  advantage of wood, as well as the limits of our material. This is something that we feel is often lacking with products from design only led organisations. Everything we do here starts with the tree and works towards maximising its potential.

We are always interested to hear from other makers who share our ethics and may be interested in working with us. Contact us to have a chat.

Nathan Avard
Originally trained in architecture at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. After six years working for Architype one of the UK's leading sustainable architects, with a strong emphasis on timber frame construction and community projects I have recently decided to take a more direct approach to timber and design.

I have also recently qualified as a joiner, providing me with the necessary skills to now mix designing and making. Currently I'm learning the time honored skills of cabinet making as apprentice to Ben Casson, a highly regarded furniture maker based at Wobage Craft Workshops. I've recently also been

- constructing a timber drying kiln

- making and fitting kitchen units

- developing a range of green wood bowls,

- gate making in Childer Woods to a traditional local pattern

- oak framing both at Wobage and at Clisset Wood

- volunteering as an unskilled assistant on green wood chair making courses again in Clisset Wood.