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-Sustainable forests
-Rural livelihoods

Wood crafts
Many of the traditional wood crafts have declined or died over the past century. There are generations of knowledge and skill that is being lost at an alarming rate. Often it is economic pressure that has killed these skills. Unfortunately traditional products have often been replaced with poor quality substitutes that have reduced lifetimes and whose basic materials are often from dubious sources.

An unfortunate side effect of this is that our native woodlands have lost value, in the cost led world we live in this means Britains woodlands increasingly come under threat for other uses that do generate revenue. At GRO we believe that a multi pronged approach is required to reverse these trends.

- ownership of our own woodlands to cut out the profits (cost to consumers) made by the timber supply chain

- a network of makers who share materials and costs rather than the status quo of disparate makers competing against each other

- provision of affordable woodland housing to reduce living and travel overheads enabling makers to survive on lower profits

- create beautiful products at sensible prices

- educate the public about the value of our products and the sometimes unsavoury costs of mass produced substitutes.